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ZHI Flemish Single

[Flemish Single-Manual Harpsichord] Compass GG-d''', disposition 1x8', 1x4' + buff stop.

The Flemish single was made for a customer who wanted a fairly simple but elegant classical-looking decor. The red and ivory paint contrast nicely with each other, and the colors are set off by the gold bands and moldings. The lid mottoes were taken from antique Flemish harpsichords. The disposition is a useful one--the 4' can be used as a solo stop. and 8' and 4' together almost define the Flemish sound. The soundboard is decorated in traditional Flemish style.

Moralizing Latin mottoes were common on Flemish instruments. The two here translate as, "Listen, watch, and be silent if you wish to live in peace," and "Knowledge has no enemy except an ignorant man."

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