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Flemish Double

[Flemish Single-Manual Harpsichord] Compass GG-d''', disposition 2x8', 1x4' + buff stop.

Ever since its inception at Zuckermann this instrument has been called the "Flemish Double." More accurately, it should be called the "Franco-Flemish Double," since it represents a version of a 17th-century Flemish harpsichord as modernized by an 18th-century French builder. This instrument is decorated in the French style, but the French maker would have left the Flemish papers and the Ruckers-style soundboard painting, both of which proclaim the all-important Flemish heritage.

In this instrument I wanted to create a strong contrast between the black exterior with its gold bands, and the colorful interior with it's light,creamy lid and decorated soundboard. The white-on black Flemish papers add to the effect.

I used the damping system found almost universally on Flemish and French harpsichords, where the 4' and back 8' strings have dampers that contact the strings from the side, rather than flag dampers that sit on the strings. When either of these registers is"off" the dampers no longer contact the strings, adding a lovely aura of resonance to the sound.

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