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ZHI French Double

[French Double-Manual Harpsichord] Compass FF-f''', disposition 2x8', 1x4' + buff stop.

The decorative scheme on the French double was suggested by one of my customers -- it's three shades of grey, with the stand and the periphery of the case in the darkest shade, the inside portion of the case exterior an intermediate grey, and the case and lid interior in the lightest. With gold bands and moldings it's a stunning combination. I've now done three French doubles in this color scheme. The soundboard is painted in 18th-century French style. The range is wide enough to play just about all the Baroque literature, and the two keyboards provide different sounds.

[Go Bars] There are many ways of gluing in a soundboard, but the traditional, and also the most efficient way, is with flexible sticks called "go bars." The sticks are jammed between the work and a "go-bar deck" (the deck is mounted on the ceiling of my shop) to create the clamping pressure. I use longer go bars to glue the bridges and ribs to the soundboard before it gets installed. And I use even longer bars to glue braces to the case bottom. This instrument will be a French double.

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