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ZHI Italian Harpsichord

[Italian Harpsichord] Compass C/E-d''', disposition 2x8'.

This Italian, after 17th-century prototypes, is an inner instrument, intended to go into a heavier, protective outer case. But the couple who commissioned this one specifically wanted something light to carry to church and to ensemble gigs, so the outer case was omitted. Without it, the instrument only weighs something like 35 pounds. Like most Italians, neither the case nor the soundboard are decorated, although the many moldings create an impressive architectural feel. An outer case, if supplied, would normally be painted. It has the traditional Italian short octave, a space-saving scheme that was popular for hundreds of years.

[Italian in Outer Case]This is the same instrument as the other Italian shown. The performer who commissioned it also wanted something light to carry around, but opted for the outer case as well. Like a violin case, it protects the instrument and keeps dirt and dust off the soundboard. At home, it lives in its case. When she takes the instrument out, however, she just slides it out of the case and into her van. With an extra pair of stands she's ready to set up anywhere. Yes, the fancy lid stick comes with the kit. The case decoration is fairly simple, but based on 17th-century Italian designs. My customer had a family coat of arms, so I painted that on the inside of the lid.

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