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ZHI "King of Sweden" Double-Fretted Clavichord

This little double-fretted clavichord is dubbed the "King of Sweden" because the instrument it is designed after--probably made in Germany in the 17th century-is reputed to have belonged to a Swedish King. It is one of the instruments I recently redesigned for Zuckermann. It had already been given the paneled lid, and I added the upper case moldings and the little feet. More importantly, I gave it a new soundboard barring, more historical tangents, a new stringing, and the option of wound strings in the bass.

Its double-fretted C-c3 short-octave four-octave compass may seem limited, but this little box is no toy: an amazing amount of music can be played on it. A few years ago I made one for Carol lei Breckenridge, who took it to Europe and played a series of concerts on it.

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